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Animal articles A Future for the Stick-nest Rat
The Agile Wallaby
American Opossums 1
American Opossums 2

Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby
The Brush-tailed Possum
Common Wombat
The Euro or Wallaroo
The Fat-tailed Dunnart
Hand Raising a Sugar Glider
The Kowari
The Long-nosed Bandicoot
The Long Footed Potoroo

The Numbat

Playing Possum
Red Kangaroo
Ring-tailed Possum

Swamp Wallaby
Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat
Tasmanian Devil
Tribute to Nugget

Tree Kangaroos
Western Grey Kangaroo
Wombat Anecdotes    

Animal Husbandry Age Determination
Back to Basics (handraising joeys)
Basic Animal Husbandry Techniques
Blood Parasites
Breeding Crickets

Caring for Your Marsupials
Cataract Formation in Marsupials
Enclosure Design & Manufacture (part 1)
Enclosure Design & Manufacture (part 2)
Enclosure Design & Manufacture (part 3)
Enclosure Design & Manufacture (part 4)
Enclosure Design & Manufacture (final)
Haley (a Red Kangaroo)
How Safe is Your 'Roo Enclosure
It Shouldn’t Need To Be Repeated Yet Again……
More on Toxo
Moving Animals (part 1)
Moving Animals (part 2)

Possum Management
Some Assorted Diets

General interest A Crying Shame
A Harrowing Experience

Captivity or Euthanasia?
Caretaking the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombats
Cat Facts
CSIRO Cane Toad Research
Faces In The Mob
The Fate of Translocated Urban Possums
Feeding Wildlife
Fires Devastate Park Fauna
Introduced Amphibians & Impact on Native Wildlife
Killer Cats
Katarapko Island
Kangaroo Island
Knowing when to Intervene
Mange in Wombats

Marsupial Evolution within Australia
Marsupials in the USA
Marking Fauna for Identification

Mole Patrol
Mystery Condition
Not a Marsupial Story

Poisonous Plants
Quolls Decline with Advance of Toads
Rodent Control
Some South Australian Animal Facts
Some Useful Trivia
Strangled Kangaroo
Tasmanian Fire Sale
Tenancy Rights
The Easy Way Out?
Wildlife Rehabilitation and Relocation
Wombats v The Dog Fence
Wombat Attack

Taxonomy Taxonomic Classification
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FAQ's (2)
FAQ's (3)
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Obituary Obituary
Bennett's Wallaby
Juvenile NT Brushtail Possum
Swamp Wallaby
Golden Brushtail Possum
Red Kangaroos
Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies
Baby Squirrel Glider
Sugar Glider

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