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Here is a very interesting (and somewhat frightening) article, well worth the read.
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As the Marsupial Society is a South Australian based organisation, many of the articles on this website reflect the wildlife laws in this State.   One of these laws that often causes some concern is that it is illegal to release any hand-raised native fauna back to the wild.  Details of the reasoning behind this issue may be found here

Help needed with stuffed (or  dead) mammals of Northern Australia
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Behavioural Enrichment of Captive Animals

Behavioural enrichment is an important aspect of animal husbandry, which works towards making the life of any captive animal as natural and as stimulating as possible, by allowing the creature change and variety in its environment.



An insidious disease which seems to affect mostly Eastern Grey kangaroos.  
It is also a problem in the poultry industry


Demise of Desert Mammals

Australia's dry outback is often described as unchanging and 'timeless' - and indeed it may seem that way when standing under a ghost gum in the middle of a hot shimmering vastness....


A number of often asked questions  together with some answers

Jaw Disease

Often referred to as 'Lumpy jaw" and is common in macropods

Marsupial Poetry

An amusing poem about the wombat which, as we know, has the unfortunate trait of creating square droppings

Native Mammals available in South. Australia.

When this article was first published back in 1988, it was considered to be a comprehensive account of those species of native mammals readily available to schools (and private breeders) at the time.  The article includes detailed information concerning the husbandry of these species.


Since the information in this page was written, the taxonomic relationships of some Australian Marsupials may have changed as they are continuously becoming updated, altered or added to.

Tribute to
Dr. Peg Christian

The Marsupial Society, while primarily a society dedicated to marsupials, would not exist without the expertise and dedication of many people.
Peg is one such person and has been honoured with Life Membership of the Society.



A zoonotic disease often carried by cats

Tropical Truffle Eater

The Northern Bettong has a fondness for truffles (underground fungi)

Wildlife "Management?"

In dealing with people’s problems with wildlife, the conclusion is that very frequently the issue is a ‘people’ problem rather than a wildlife problem.



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